Replacing Your Heating System? Terms It Can Pay to Know

As winter approaches, your summertime memories can fast fade into worry about more pressing matters. If you’re like many people, staying warm in a cost-efficient way is a top priority. If you find yourself needing a new heat system, need some work on the one you have or just want better efficiency, you’ll find it useful to familiarize yourself with heating system terms to better understand what your HVAC specialist recommends. Read on for a few important heating system terms.

  • Infiltration – This is where cold outside air enters your home due to poorly insulated spaces and openings. Reducing infiltration reduces the cost to you.
  • Humidifier – This device adds moisture to dry winter air and increases comfort and make it easier to breathe.
  • HSPF – This stands for heating seasonal performance factor. It rates your heating system’s performance the way MPG rates a car. Make sure yours is up to standards.
  • Energy Star – This Department of Energy rating determines the energy efficiency of an appliance. Ensure you always purchase Energy Star-rated units.
  • HRV – A heat recovery ventilator allows pre-warmed fresh air to enter your house.
  • Heat Exchanger – This is the key part of a heating unit that transfers the heat from the heating unit to the air. It is also a critical part of your heating system and one of the most important heating system terms to know.
  • Duct – These are pipes that lead to your air vents. Making sure that ducts are properly insulated is essential for proper heating efficiency.
  • IAQ – Indoor air quality might become an issue if a home is too well insulated. If this is the problem, you might need an addition to your current ventilation, or you may have a heating system leak.

By knowing critical heating system terms, you can better determine where you might be lacking in efficiency and be better able to work with your HVAC specialist to ensure optimum performance and savings. Contact us today at Airtron Frederick and put your new knowledge of heating system terms to use saving you money.

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