Hybrid and Dual Fuel Heating Systems Airtron Charlotte


Dual Fuel Sources, One Result: Up to 40% Savings and exceptional heating performance with this revolutionary system.

Utilizing the strengths of 2 heating sources to deliver unmatched warmth and efficiency and adding the benefit of serving as the cooling system during the warmer months solidifies this system as cutting edge.


How does it work?

The electric heat pump serves as the primary heating source. When outdoor temperatures drop below 30°, your powerful gas furnace takes over. This results in lower heating bills from the increased usage of electricity over expensive natural gas. In the summer time, the heat pump becomes the single source for cooling.


Energy Efficient & Environmentally Safe

Professional Same Day Installations
Total, year round indoor comfort solution
Enjoy Better Heating & Cooling throughout your entire house.
Replacements for all makes & models

For more information about this cutting edge idea and efficiency rebates, contact your expert comfort consultant today


* If used as directed. Actual savings and results may vary depending on region and usage.

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