Chad T
Chad T
22:48 03 Oct 19
Billy Tyson went out of his way to find a part locally that would have taken weeks if we had to order it, stayed late and installed it so we could have AC on a very hot day. Wife and kids are happy to finally sleep in their bedrooms and I'm happy with airtron after my experience with him.
Sherrills Sherrills
Sherrills S.
16:59 01 Oct 19
Daniel G was great! He took his time to explain details about my unit and services. Professional and friendly service with a smile! Thanks Daniel G!
andre glovaski
andre G.
15:35 26 Sep 19
We had an amazing with Mr. Shane Gillespie. He took care of all with a very high professionalism. Clean and very well polite! Would definitely refer his services to anyone that deals with Airtron
Unknown Person
Unknown P.
19:40 25 Sep 19
Best customer service. Daniel got our unit back up and running. He was very nice, and a diligent worker. I don't plan on having anyone else work on my unit, we have used other company's that didn't do what Airtron did. I was impressed with the customer service and how it wasn't any hassle to have them come out. Thank Yall!!
Audie Cooper
Audie C.
15:31 18 Sep 19
We had an issue with our AC unit on Thursday, I called to schedule an appointment not expecting anyone come right away. However, Zach came out first thing Friday morning and was very knowledgeable. Unfortunately the coil was frozen and could not be tested until it un-thawed. Once it did we called back and Daniel G. came out to solve the problem. Daniel was SO helpful, he tested everything possible and filled the low coolant. It has been running perfectly ever since. Daniel was very professional and thorough! We appreciate the professionalism that Airtron provided from Tammy and Tamara who I spoke to on the phone to schedule, to the technicians they dispatched, Zach and Daniel, they were all fantastic. I would highly recommend their services and will use them again in the future when needed for maintenance.
Rick Moore
Rick M.
15:15 10 Sep 19
Billy and Dan visited our home this morning and I was pleased with the interaction. Recently Airtron had disappointed me, but, this was due to misunderstandings and assumptions being made without all of the facts and information being made available.Through my conversations with Tamara, an understanding was reached. The service this morning was stellar, friendly, and a great step to recovering a customer whom considered joining the competition.Dan and Billy were thorough, kind, and were straight forward with what needed to be done. The solution to our air services is currently being implemented. I am satisfied with the level of service.
Brady Sanford
Brady S.
18:10 09 Sep 19
Dan and Billy came out to my home in York, SC today and provided an excellent service experience. My home was just built in May 2019, so I was very surprised that the AC was not working. Turns out that the drainage line was signicantly clogged and they were able to remedy the issue with ease. They were knowledgeable, professional and provided a solution quickly. They even set up the A/C drainage so that I can now properly maintain the system ( I could not previously) and prevent this issue from recurring again.Thank you so much and I appreciate your work!
Kathy Smith
Kathy S.
14:41 08 Aug 19
I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Craig today. He was so professional and taught me so much about my ac/heating unit. He took the time to explain everything and gave me great tips on how to keep my unit working at it's optimum. He explained all about the warranty and the plans that are available to purchase to keep the system running. I will always ask for him for my service needs!
Mark Tucker
Mark T.
21:00 05 Aug 19
Zach came out to do our annual and did a great job. Walked me through the process and after let me know what he did. Gave me some pointers about keeping the outside units clear of mulch, etc. Great job Airtron!
Steve Milano
Steve M.
17:37 01 Aug 19
Zach came out and made sure our electronic air filter was working properly. He took the extra time to fully explain its operation, and cleaned up everything. He is a real asset for Airtron.
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